Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nonprofit Bloggers Highlighted

Provided by Minnesota Council of Foundations, bloggers roundup about philanthropy.

25 Random Things that Make the Nonprofit Sector Great
Fieldstone Alliance has a terrific list to remind us all about why we do the work we do.

Kiva lets any old weirdo shape their message
Donor Power Blog: Kiva is giving people a window on their data, which will let them create fun, quirky, individualistic ways to raise funds for Kiva. People might express the Kiva fundraising offer in ways that make the people at Kiva very uncomfortable. But Kiva went ahead and did it anyway, which means they get it.

Foundations Can Be Better Advocates
Philanthropy Journal: Foundations can raise their voice on policy issues, do more to spur a more inclusive conversation to address issues, invest more in policy and advocacy work by nonprofits, and use their role as shareholders to help shape the business practices of companies in which they invest.

The crumbling of nonprofit arts organizations: what models will rise from the ashes?
Beth’s Blog: With unemployment and cutback, for many a trip to the art museum can appear to be a luxury. In response, arts organizations are cutting staff, trimming budgets, canceling shows, shortening seasons or closing their doors. Maybe arts organizations need to be doing “Social Capital Impact” studies along with other forms of advocacy?

Funder/Grantee Relationships: Or, What To Do After You Get That Check
Denver Foundation: Long before you send in a grant report, you can interact with the funder and share both good news and challenges. You have a chance to further engage a funder in your mission.

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