Sunday, April 5, 2009

MCF media coverage summary

Minnesota Council of Foundations offered the following roundup of media coverage of the world of philanthropy and nonprofits.

Financial Safety Net of Nonprofit Organizations is Fraying, Survey Finds
The New York Times: Only 12 percent of nonprofits surveyed expect to end the year with an operating surplus.

Foundation Giving in ‘08 Defied Huge Asset Decline
The New York Times: Foundation giving for 2008 fell by just 1 percent on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Downturn Thinning Ranks for Charity Walkathons and Other Events
The Chronicle on Philanthropy: Pledge-based fundraising events are attracting fewer participants who fear they won’t meet pledge-collection commitments.

Silver Lining of Downturn: Pro Bono Aid
onPhilanthropy: Many law firms are increasing pro bono legal programs, which is good for nonprofits.

As Detroit Struggles, Foundations Shift Mission
The New York Times: Faced with declining resources and exploding need, foundations are picking winners and losers.


National-Service Bill Clears Final Major Hurdle, Winning Senate Approval
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: U.S. Senate adopts Serve America Act.

Analysts: Giving by Wealthy Would Decline Slightly Under Obama Budget Proposal
The Washington Post: Under Obama’s proposal, the tax deduction for those with incomes over $250,000 would be capped at 28 cents on the dollar.

Senate Measure Seeks to Spur Foundations to Give More
The New York Times: Senators introduce legislation encouraging foundations to give away more of their money.

Giving Less but Leading More
onPhilanthropy: It’s vital to showcase foundations’ value beyond dollars and cents.

Community Foundations Increase Funding for Human Services
Dayton Business Journal: Fifty-one percent of community foundations are increasing funding for human services assistance in 2009.

Council Tells Lawmakers 28% of Donor-advised-fund Grants Went to Social Services
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: More than a quarter of grants support basic social services.

Pay at Nonprofits Gets a Closer Look
The Wall Street Journal: Nonprofits bracing for scrutiny of their executive pay practices.

YouTube Ads Earn Nonprofit $10,000 in a Single Day
Watching TV Online: YouTube launches “Call to Action” feature.

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