Sunday, March 22, 2009

Study Finds 1 in 4 Nonprofits Plan Staff Cuts

The Philanthropy Journal related that just as demand for many nonprofits services skyrockets, the U.S. nonprofit sector likely will be cutting jobs in 2009, a new study says.

More than one in four nonprofits say they plan to downsize or lay off staff next year, compared to the 7.6 percent than foresaw reductions last years, says the study by Nonprofit HR Solutions.
And only about four in 10 groups say they anticipate creating new positions in 2009, down from six in 10 in 2008. Read more here.

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Anonymous said...

A big part is that they aren't getting major donations from big corporations due to the loss of revenue. It is a bitter cycle that seems to be going on. Everyone is hurting.