Friday, June 14, 2013

Take the Salary Survey, Get a Free Summary of the Data

New York Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey is Open! 
All NYCON Members Taking the Survey Receive a FreeExecutive Summary and 50% Off Full Report!  
Deadline to Enter Data is June 28th.
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clip board/surveyOnce again NYCON Members are invited to participate in a statewide and national nonprofit salary and benefits survey being conducted by The NonProfit Times
This report will provide detailed information on 94 employee benefit offerings, 28 job families and hundreds of nonprofit positions with key performance metrics that can be used to benchmark compensation and benefit practices including:
  • Base Salary and Total Cash Compensation data with percentile rankings for each position
  • Bonus Pay practices including average payout, percentage receiving and organizations paying
  • Annual Salary Increases (prior and current year; executive and non-executive)
  • Employee Turnover and Average Tenure by position
  • Total compensation costs as a percentage of operating expenses
  • Employee profile data; number of full/part time; exempt vs. nonexempt
  • Executive Perks and Benefits (organizations offering, special benefits offered)
  • Medical, Dental and Vision (costs paid by organization, eligibility, plan offerings, participation rates)
  • Prescription Drug (retail and mail order costs)
  • Retirement Plans (organization contributions, eligibility, plan offerings, participation rates)
  • Executive Employment Agreements (organizations offering, terms and conditions
  • Life Insurance & Disability (eligibility, offerings, participation)
  • General Benefit Offering (covers 35 unique benefit programs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (offerings, maximum contribution percentile rankings)
  • Employee Leave (vacation, sick, paid time off, personal, holidays, bereavement, FMLA)
  • Overtime Practices - exempt vs. non-exempt staff
  • Part Time Employee Benefit Offerings
  • Changes in Data from 2012 -2013 Use this new feature to quickly and simply identify critical shifts and potential marketplace trends for all salary and benefits data
  • The Report will present survey results by multiple views to allow for quick and easy comparisons against relevant peer organizations by geographic location, operating budget, number of employees, and field of work.  
Just for completing the survey NYCON Members will get a FREE Executive Summary of the New York State data, with full salary data for all positions. All members who complete the survey will receive 50% off the full report ( $250 currently).The survey is designed to be quick and easy with help just a click or phone call away if you need it. Don't miss this chance to participate.
Deadline to enter data is June 28th!  
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Important Information About the Survey

New 2013 Survey Features: 
IEL Program

The survey is now faster and easier to complete!

Anyone who participated in the survey in 2011 or 2012can use their existing data to jump start the 2013 survey completion process.

(Look for an email form The NonProfit Times with special instructions on how to login to access this new feature.) 

Now you can take the survey with all the major web browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Now it's easier and more intuitive to enter data with the addition of more prompts to guide users.

Deadline to enter data is June 28th!

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