Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Webinar for Spring & Summer

Know Thy Self: Assessing Organizational Readiness When Taking on the World of Restructuring [Lunch & Learn Webinar]
Presented by Doug Sauer, CEO,
New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc.

Tuesday May 7th, 2013    11:00am to 12:30pm   
Affiliation discussions are a discovery process - uncovering and clarifying motivations, interests, organizational facts and circumstances, strengths and weaknesses. It is a process where potential partners learn about each other and yes, learn about themselves as well. Successful affiliation talks depend largely on each party being prepared, as transparency starts internally first. The more clarity your board and staff leadership can get as to the organization's true operational, fiscal, and "mission" health, the better positioned the organization will be in type of restructuring or collaboration. This webinar, led by our seasoned restructuring expert, Doug Sauer CEO, will guide attendees as to the questions that you should first ask yourselves and then extend to your potential partner. 
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Explore Employee Benefits that You Can Afford!
May: Spotlight on  Flexible Spending Account Program (FSA) and Life Insurance Programs 

We know that the Employe Benefits "Market" can be
complicated.  Our job is to help make that world more simple, and affordable for nonprofits. To help you understand each type of benefit, it's coverage features and it's costs we are rolling out a series of short 30-minute webinar spotlights on our administered programs: Health Insurance,Flexible Spending Accounts and our Vision Program - which is new for 2013!  
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Social Media Myth Busting: If You Build It, Will They Come? [Lunch & Learn Webinar]
Presented by Andrew Marietta, Regional Manager, Central NY Office, NYCON and Valerie Venezia, Vice President, Membership & Marketing, NYCON
June 14th, 2013 11:00am to 12:30pm 
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Sometimes it seems like there's a new hot social media tool launched every day of the week. Figuring out what these tools do, how our nonprofit should use them, and frankly, if you need to use these tools can boggle anyone's mind. As busy nonprofit staff and board members we need to know what specific tool do we use for our specific goals? How do we measure success? This webinar will help cut through the clutter of social media mayhem and help you simplify, refocus, and target social media tools based on organizational needs and a focused message (and maybe even some actual metrics!)  
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The Two Good (& Short) Webinars You May Have Missed this Month...
Last week NYCON hosted and recorded two very short, informative webinars on two very different topics. These were two great webinars that you (probably) missed. Take a few minutes and check them out when it's convenient for you!

 First, our Dental Program Spotlight:  NYCON's most popular (and very affordable) employee benefit, this program provides two optoins, comprehensive coverage and a array of providers to choose from. Take a few minutes and listen to Eric Laughlin of CS Plus give a quick overview of how the program works, what it covers and how much it costs. CLICK HERE.

DoGoodBuyUs Corporate Member Spotlight:Does your nonprofit have great goods to sell? Are you looking for an online marketplace to help you spread the word? Check out the 20 minute Corporate Member spotlight we did with Zach Rosenberg, Founder of DoGoodBuyUs.CLICK HERE. 

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