Thursday, February 14, 2013

Biggest Mistakes Boards Make, Founding Fathers Write a Grant Proposal and more

Practical, Provocative and Fun Food-For-Thought for Non-Profits

The Trouble with "Passion for the Mission" . . . editor notes issue #84

"Passion for the mission is a must" . . . so say many job announcements and board member requirement lists. Wait a minute. Let's examine this sacred cow cliche a little more. Read More>

Surprisingly Uncomplicated Path for Developing Leaders

Kirk Kramer of The Bridgespan Groupsuggests some new approaches to leadership development in his recent papers. For Blue Avocado readers, he cuts right to the chase: Read More>

In the Swirling Dust of Change, Life Still Goes On for an ED

It just makes sense that the founder of the Center for Digital Storytelling would tell his own story in a remarkably compelling way. Here's Joe Lambert with a thoughtful First Person Nonprofit account of how organizational problems can bring out the creativity and best in people and how, through it all, life goes on, though it's your choice how to embrace its everchanging moods: Read More>

The Founding Fathers Write a Grant Proposal

"Just look at this second sentence!" groaned Samuel Adams. "'We hold these truths to be self-evident  .  .' This flies in the face of 'evidence-based practice'! We'llnever get funded!" Read More>

Ten Biggest Mistakes Boards and Executives Make

"To err is human," and as we all ruefully know, nonprofit board members and executive directors are typically human. Here are some of the biggest mistakes we make: Read More>

Take a 3-Minute Vacation to an Oscar-Nominated Film Starring Avocados

Has anyone else seen an avocado in an Oscar nominated film this year? Read More>

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