Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

Participate Now: The Nonprofit Finance Fund Releases
"2013 State of the Sector Survey"

Beginning today, the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)is conducting its 5th Annual National Survey examining the current state of the nonprofit sector from a financial perspective and we hope that you will add your voice.  

The survey is anonymous and takes only 10 to 15 minutes to fill out.  

It will collect data on important financial and management issues facing the nonprofit sector. (Take a look at the 2012 results, an interactive survey analyzer, and media attention here.)

To take the 2013 survey, please click

Also, please do pass on the link above to other nonprofit managers you know-the more survey respondents, the more representative and accurate the findings will be.

NFF will analyze the results and provide them to everyone in late March.

Also, all survey respondents who choose to give their contact information will receive the results directly. The findings, and the comparison to previous years' findings, will help identify the most critical areas of need in the sector.

If you have already filled out the 2013 survey, thank you for supporting this data gathering effort!
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